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    The mainland shipping companies roll-off direct route

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    In recent years, China's ship and marine engineering projects with rapid development, has made remarkable achievements. However, compared with the advanced countries in the world, there are still some gaps in marine engineering. The current offshore oil and gas field mining projects have been included in the national key support projects, marine engineering equipment seems to be overnight to become China's shipbuilding and other heavy manufacturing giants scramble for the "steamed bun." This is what kind of an industry? Oil, natural gas and other international oil price uncertainty to the sustained and rapid economic development has brought potential risks. According to the Shanghai Shipbuilding Industry Association, the Secretary-General Yang Xinfa introduced: "Ocean Engineering covers a wide range of marine mineral resources exploration and development, marine tidal power stations, marine aquaculture are all areas of marine engineering." Therefore, the global energy has been in short supply in recent years, Making the development of offshore oil offshore engineering "top priority."